End Interleague Play

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    Allan H. Selig, Commissioner, Major League Baseball
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We, the undersigned, believe regular-season interleague play is bad for baseball and should be abolished. We believe interleague play is wrong for any combination of the following reasons:

1. Regular-season interleague play detracts from the uniqueness of the World Series. For nearly a century, when two teams met in the World Series, they had no regular-season history. There was only speculation as to how the teams would match up. Interleague play has damaged the special magic of the fall classic.

2. The schedule is too unbalanced. The accent on divisional play, combined with interleague play, means that teams rarely play certain other teams within their own league. In the American League, for example, East teams play only six games against each of teams in the Central division. Play within a team's own league should take priority over the novelty of interleague play.

3. The so-called natural rivalries are contrived. Team rivalries in baseball have always been intra-league, and have developed naturally over decades. We are told there is a "natural rivalry" between the Cubs and the White Sox. However, historically, those two teams never met in regular-season play. The Cubs' true natural rival is the St. Louis Cardinals. Similarly, does a natural rivalry exist between the Dodgers and the Angels? No. The Dodgers' historic rival has always been - and still is - the Giants. Most of the other so-called natural rivalries are similarly fabricated.

4. The schedule creates a non-level field. In interleague play, one team can face contending teams, while another team within the same division faces only teams with losing records. This may affect the outcome of a close pennant race. Within a division, each team should play the same number of games against the same teams. In order for this to happen, interleague play must be abolished.

5. The two leagues have different rules. When American League teams play in National League parks (during interleague), they are not allowed to use a designated hitter as they normally do. Not being able to field their regular lineups puts AL teams at a disadvantage.

Every season, baseball writers and announcers say that Major League Baseball continues interleague play because the fans like it. This petition is intended to show that a significant number of fans do not like it.

We want Major League Baseball to end interleague play within the regular season. Thank you.