Nintendo please ban Data Design Interactive from making games on the Wii

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Nintendo, we all know your console wii, its not so good with third parties, but there its one that really dont understand your console, and its Data Design Interactive, you should ban this developer/publisher from your console, because it can kill it.
Most of Data Design Interactive's recent games have been criticized by gamers and critics alike, frequently citing graphics, gameplay, and lack of polish all associated with rushed production schedules or "shovelware" games. Some of their games have received a rare 1.0 at IGN, and other rating sites such as Gamespot.
On October 31, 2008, Data Design Interactive's Wii Kidz Sports Series, Kidz Sports: Basketball, Hockey, and International Soccer earned first place for the Wii section of IGN's Worst Reviewed Nintendo Console Games, with all 3 titles receiving a 1.0 from them. IGN also gave honorable mention to the rest of Data Design Interactive's Wii library, with all games so far receiving no more than a 3.0 from them.
Reviews on IGN and on Gamespot UK through 2008, both from staff writers and gamers personal experiences, target DDi as a major influence in damaging the games markets credibility and for saturating the market with inferior products.
Even one review went some far suggesting you should ban DDi from making games on your console, this is the best for your console, because it really can mean the death of the wii.
So please nintendo, remember your old and new fans, we dont wanna see your console with this kind of games.