Include the Music Meister in Batman Arkham Asylum 2

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    Rocksteady Games Ltd.
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Note: For those unfamiliar with The Music Meister, his introductory (and, sadly, *only*) appearance on the television series "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" can be seen in three parts here:

For a more immediate experience, a playlist of his performances can be found here:

If any of the videos are removed, please refer to a Google search of "Music Meister".

The sole purpose of this public petition to Rocksteady Studios Ltd is to ensure the inclusion of a Music Meister reference in the upcoming video game, Batman Arkham Asylum 2.
One of the many critically acclaimed aspects of the first game was the tasteful, masterfully executed references to the scores of different villains, characters, and personae throughout the Batman universe.
In light of so many characters of Batman lore being present in the first game, it only seems logical that fresh, new character references are introduced in the sequel.
One of these characters, who has, for the most part, gone unnoticed by Batman fans, is the Music Meister. This dastardly villain has the unique ability to force those affected by his tunes to break into song and dance. He also possesses a conductor stick which fires laser-like sheets of music at his foes. He was bullied as a child, due to him singing in choir, but soon discovered that the higher he raised his pitch, the more possible it was to hypnotize those around him. His grandest scheme of all was to burglarize a communications satellite with the intention of hypnotizing people all over globe with his hypnotic singing voice.
This character may seem outrageous at first, and the inclusion of such a character into a dark and serious cinematic experience may seem highly unlikely, but we, the undersigned, do not expect such a ridiculous appearance from the villain.
We simply ask that at some point in the game that the Music Meister make an appearance, regardless of importance.
Not only would this be a humorous nod to one of the more peculiar characters in the Batman universe, it could also possibly be an interesting test of skill to morph the cartoony personality of the Music Meister into a realistic, foreboding and villainous one.
Although extremely unlikely, if possible, the inclusion of a Neil Patrick Harris performed voice over would be the sweetest icing of all on top of this cake.

So please, Rocksteady Games, give the Music Meister the recognition he deserves.