Bring the "No one lives forever" franchise over to the Nintendo Wii

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We all know that the franchise "No one lives forever" became unexpectedly a great succes. Also we know that the new console with motion sensing capabilities, named Nintendo Wii, also became a huge succes with already sold over 5 million in just 4 months. (data of 20-03-2007)

Now I have been thinking of what a great combination the "No one lives forever" franchise and the Nintendo Wii would be. Especially, I think that the rich colorful worlds and characters would really fit in the Nintendo Wii games library and installed userbase. And combine that with the motion sensing capabilities of the Wii controller.

Now my prediction is that bringing over the "No one lives forever" franchise to the Nintendo Wii will be a wise decision, a huge succes and it will sell like hot cupcakes!

I will send this petition to "Monolith" the creator of the "No one lives forever" franchise, after collecting enough names.

If you agree with the above or just simply want the "No one lives forever" franchise on the Wii, then please sign this petition.

Note: We prefer sequels instead of ports.

Thank you in advance.