1980's "The Moomins" animation - Bring it out on DVD!

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    Film Polski, Jupiter Films, Film Fair, The current owner of the distribution rights to this series, Kult Kidz and any other home video companies.
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    fans of the Moomins
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By signing this petition we the consumers are requesting that this series be brought out on DVD.
This petition is in reference to the English and Polish versions of the stop motion animation series "The Moomins". The series was produced by Film Polski and Jupiter Films in 1980 and aired in Poland, Austria and elsewhere, with dubbed and heavily edited 5 minute long versions airing in the UK.
The English version of this show most closely evoked the spirit of Tove Jansson's original books due to Rupert Murdoch's spontaneous narration and it is primarily this version that we would like to see released on DVD. But we would also be very interested to see examples of the 25 or 50 minute long unedited Polish versions, as so much of the original material was cut in translation.
Those who watched the show as children remember "The Moomins" with as much fondness as other classics of the time such as "Bagpuss" and "The Clangers". This popularity can be demonstrated today in that the retail success of "Moomins" merchandise (such as backpacks and plush toys) is comparable to that of "The Clangers" merchandise, and therefore the same would surely apply to a Moomins DVD release.
The signatures along with this petition are further proof that there is a strong demand for this series. Please let the fans be able to take this show home where it can be cherished forever and give another generation the opportunity to enjoy this magical program!