Fix Motor Avenue Traffic!

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    City of Los Angeles
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    Motor Avenue Improvement Association
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Because of the current stoplight timing, morning traffic backs up from National Boulevard south to Palms Boulevard, and below. Consequently, it is very difficult for customers to access the businesses on this stretch of Motor, which is one of the more commercial blocks of the street. Additionally, cars are not allowed to make turns north onto Motor Avenue from National Blvd between 7am-10am, making it practically impossible for customers to access any of the businesses in the shopping centers at that corner. One of them, a computer store, even gives its customers a "justice credit" of $90 to alleviate the cost of the traffic ticket they received trying to get to their business, which added up to over $2,000 last year. The timing of the lights and the turn situation needs to change. The city cannot be responsible for putting businesses out of business.

In light of this information, we strongly support:

a) a creative solution for executing the necessary traffic study, possibly in collaboration with the Planning department of a local university.
b) the termination of current traffic calming measures, including the timing of the northbound Motor Avenue signal and the current prohibition of northbound turns onto Motor.
c) if necessary, the consideration of light synchronization at Manning Ave & Motor to alleviate northbound Motor traffic.