Motorola Bootloader Unlock Petition

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    Motorola Inc.
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Alright everyone, so Motorola has started locking the bootloaders on their mobile devices such as the Motorola Milestone, Droid X, and in the future, most likely the Droid 2 and any other upcoming phones. Motorola mobile phones are usually extremely high powered, such as the Droid X with its TI OMAP 3630 Processor clocking in at 1 Ghz and the dedicated graphics chip, the PowerVR SGX 530. Us, as the Android community, have been greatly let down due to the locking/signing of the bootloader, restricting our access to install custom, homemade ROM's for the devices that take use out of the high quality hardware and software. We understand what they are trying to protect by locking the bootloader, but the the Android community is almost fully based off of ROM's, hacks, etc. Sign this petition if you would like Motorola to either unlock the bootloader for us or give us the key to unlock it manually.