Save Live Music on Main Street

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    Vancouver City Council
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    The Main Street Music Community
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The Restaurant Class 1 By-law - Section 7.1

"Where any live entertainment is provided by no more than two persons, and where no dancing by customers and no use of any amplified instrument."

We protest the current selective enforcement of this unfair by-law. Intended to abate noise, the by-law instead limits the rights of artists to perform on instruments of their choice, and interferes with the right of the public to hear the music of its choice.

We urge the City Council to immediately suspend this by-law, and establish a "noise" standard that does not restrict artistic expression, limit the number of artists who may perform together, or interfere with the freedom of the audience to assemble and respond.

Vancouver's small local music venues are a vital part of our nighbourhood and our cultural community. Please act now to overturn this out-dated and irrational prohibition.