Modern Warfare 2 (PC) - Post Release

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This petition has been formed in order to request that Infinity Ward, the developers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, to review their decision with regards to the following:

- Support for an in-game console;
- Support for the /record feature;
- Support for the lean feature;
- Support for auto-balancing;
- Support for multiple profiles;
- Support for better Graphics and FOV control;
- Support for actual ping readouts in ms (not graphs);
- Support for a tournament game type (like Promod);

Dedicated Server/IWNet specific:

- Support for mod tools and modded Dedicated Servers;
- Support for Punkbuster enabled Dedicated Servers;
- Support for Dedicated Server admins to choose player numbers (Max: 50);
- Support for PC gamers to choose if they wish to connect to an IWNet P2P server or a Dedicated Server (hosted by clans/individuals, etc)

The PC Community strongly believes that with the lack of these basic features, in comparison to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that the future of Modern Warfare 2 looks bleak and also raises a further concerning outlook for the future of the PC Gaming Community.

We would like to see that Infinity Ward recognises our feedback/concerns and communicates with the PC Community. We feel that up to this point we have been treated as an inferior customer because we do not play a console platform. We hope that this petition (post Modern Warfare 2 release) will help us to overcome the worsening relationship that Infinity Ward currently have, with the PC Community and will help us to again, regain a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.

It is requested that all signatories only sign once (and as themselves) so that this petition accurately represents the views/concerns/feedback of the PC Community.