Petition to urge Indian Government to take action against atrocity going on in Mynmar

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    Prime Minister of India
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Subject: Petition to urge Indian Government to take action against atrocity going on in Mynmar

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Dr. ManMohan Singh,
The Hon'ble Prime Minister of India
Copy sent to: Shri Pranab Mukherjee
Minister of External Affairs

Dear Dr Singh,

We are witnessing one of the most remarkable peaceful struggle by the people of Myanmar for the democracy and civil rights. It is so painful to see this struggle being suppressed with utmost cruelty by the military rulers of the country. This kind of treatment is outrageous in modern society and we strongly condemn this. We whole-heartedly support the people's movement for their rightful demand for the democracy and civil liberties.
We are also anguished to see that our (indian) government is taking a very lukewarm stand towards theto the democratic struggle of the people. The reports indicate that the government is very keen not to harm its ties with the military rulers of Myanmar who are brutally suppressing the people. Many governments including USA and European Union have strongly condemned the military rulers of Myanmar, but our government has chosen to remain silent.
We feel ashamed and disheartened by this stand of our government specially when India had a rich tradition for supporting democratic and humanistic movements in the past. We have always stood for the values over interests, and we must continue to do so. We urge our government to break ties with the military rulers who have shown to be extremely repressive to their citizens.

In Solidarity,