Provision to cast vote as "NO VOTE" in Indian Election Procedure.

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At the age of 18 years we get the right to vote in all government elections.

A voter must advocate his right to vote for only such contestant whom he finds worthy to be elected.

In case a voter does not find any sutitable candidate from those who have stood for elections, there must be provision to register NO VOTE i.e. none could be found worthy of being elected.

If this is done then only the sanctity of election can be preserved, and lessons learnt for taking remedial measures, in future elections.

Hence in Indian elections, there must be a separate provision for NO VOTE- and the same should also be considered as a separate entity, in case the number of "NO VOTES" exceed the maximum number of votes received by any contestant.

In such eventuality, the elections should be conducted once again inviting fresh applicatns to stand for elections.

Suitable provision must be made in the Electronic Voting machine, to register for "NO VOTE" i.e. "I(voter) would not like to vote for any of the above contestants."

This will help you know in true spirit, the likes and dislikes of the voteres.

In a great democracy, respect must be given to the opinion of each and every voter, and give due consideration to their thinking & feelings.

Thus we the people of India demand a provision in the Electronic Voting machine, to cast a vote as "NO VOTE" i.e. "I(voter) would not like to vote for any of the above contestants."