No to a "Palestinian State" in the Land of Israel!

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    Agudath Yisroel of America, Orthodox Union of America, Council of Young Israel Rabbis, Chabad International and to each and every Torah Jewish Organization or Institution that can make a difference!
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We call upon you to support the return of Jewish settlement to YAD YAIR in the Shomron with words and action (financial and otherwise)!

This will be a clear message sent by Torah Jews AGAINST a Palestinian State, AGAINST Annapolis and AGAINST the Roadmap!.

President Obama is pushing for a Palestinian State in Judea and Samaria. His "Jewish" advisers are aiding him in his mission. Just like the Korban Pesach, the sacrificial lamb, openly demonstrated a defiance to Pharaoh's decrees against the Jews and openly defied the Egyptian G-d of worship, so too Jews must openly defy the evil decrees and plans of the Obama administration and other alliances calling for the stunting of all Jewish settlement, growth and expansion in Judea and Samaria ultimately leading to the total elimination of all Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria as was in the case in Gaza.

Our entitlement to the Land of Israel is G-d given and therefore not subject to change by any power be it the Israeli government, the United Nations or the United States of America!

As representatives of Torah Judaism whose influence reaches hundreds of thousands of caring, Torah Jews, we implore you as the accepted leaders of the Torah community to fulfill your responsibility as Torah leaders to guide the people and to give merit to the public in what is commonly called Zikui Harabim. This can be accomplished with a public display of yearning and love and devotion for the Land of Israel that is relevant to current events and not merely lip service. This is necessary in order to make our nation worthy of G-d's Salvation.

Declare to the world vocally, that you as Torah Leaders of the Bnei Yisroel, the descendants of Yaakov Avinu, do not reject our Biblical birthright as did Esav and therefore do reject, in principle, a Palestinian State. Please inform your congregations that you greatly encourage financial and all kinds of support to strengthen our rightful entitlement and settlement to the entire Land of Israel based on the Holy Torah.

Defending our rights to Yad Yair is a clear message to President Obama and to Netanyahu that Yad Yair and all Jewish settlement within Israel belongs to the Nation of Israel and therefore is subject to Jewish Sovereignty exclusively. It demonstrates in words and in deed that each and every inch of Judea, Samaria and Gaza whose boundaries fall within the delineated boundaries of the Land of Israel, specified in Parshat Masei, falls under Jewish entitlement and Jewish Sovereignty must be accepted by the world as such.

The ilegal Arab construction must come to an immediate halt and legal Jewish Construction must grow, without any impedance from outside foreign interference.

The US must stop the waste of hundreds of millions of American tax payer money (USAID) to fund illegal Arab construction that only serves to endanger the lives of the Jewish people within Israel and destabilizes the entire region!

Arabs that wish to remain within Israel must accept Jewish Sovereignty or else are free and encouraged to leave the country or else pay the deserved consequences for any aggression on their part!

We need not be accommodating to an Arab Population that does not recognize, the legitimacy of our Jewish Heritage, Jewish Sovereignty over all the Land of Israel, the Land promised to our forefathers, and G-d's gift to the Nation of Israel.

In this way may we be worthy to complete the transition from darkness to light and from slavery to freedom, speedily in our days.

Signed by caring Jews all over the world many of whom are loyal members of your organizations.