Dakota Fanning Should NOT Be Cast as Jane in "New Moon"

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Here are a few reasons why Dakota Fanning Should NOT - under any circumstances - be cast as Jane of the Volturi in "New Moon":

Firstly, she is simply too recognizable to fit in harmoniously with the rest of the previously-unknown cast. Fans want to see Jane, not Dakota Fanning-stars-as Jane.

Secondly, it will be at least three years before filming for "Breaking Dawn" is finished. Ms. Fanning is at an age where growth and physical changes occur rapidly. The character of Jane is supposed to be an immortal vampire, physically frozen and unchanging. It would be very difficult to make Jane appear unchanging in all three movies if she is portrayed by someone who is in the stages of high-speed physical development in real life.

Lastly, the choice of Dakota Fanning is - excuse our candor - moronically obvious. Many of the same people that are for Dakota as Jane also agree that Alan Rickman should play Aro, that Ian McKellan should be Marcus, and that Christopher Lee should be Caius. These fans are only able to come up with famous actors who they are already familiar with, and who have already played similar roles in other films. Dakota Fanning is the first person EVERYONE thought of - not because she was the unanimous first choice, but because she is simply one of only a handful of commonly recognizable child actresses, and because she has already played the role of "wise-beyond-her-years, jaded monotone" many times. Hiring Dakota Fanning to play Jane would showcase an utter, embarrassing lack of creativity on the part of the filmmakers.

Please consider these points. While there are many people who casually support the casting of Dakota Fanning (often due to a lack of familiarity with OTHER actresses), we implore you to understand that there are even more fans that are VEHEMENTLY against it. Thank you.