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    North Bend School District 13 Board of Directors
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Declaration of No Confidence in Superintendent BJ Hollensteiner by the Parents & Community of North Bend, Oregon.

Be it resolved the parents and community of the North Bend School District 13 hereby declare that we have no confidence in the leadership of Superintendent BJ Hollensteiner and believe her contract should be terminated immediately by the elected school board for cause as enumerated in the following:

(A) Whereas there is widespread public dissatisfaction with the Superintendent's leadership. Dr. Hollensteiners tenure has been marked by unprecedented turmoil and confusion within the district. Dr. Hollensteiner is directly responsible for the diminished quality of our schools. Moreover, the Superintendent has not performed adequately in any facet of her job by any reasonable measure. The standards of Dr. Hollensteiners employment with the district have been characterized by irresponsible fiscal management, questionable business practices, extremely unproductive labor management, failed policy compliance, inadequate facilities management and ineffective public relations and,

(B) Whereas the Superintendents poor judgment and gross mismanagement in the handling of budgetary issues has resulted in needless disenfranchisement of faculty, staff, students and parents. Lack of oversight has contributed to wasteful and unnecessary spending of taxpayer funds and directly contributed to the extremely low morale of all staff. Additionally, with direct knowledge of the severity of the state of Oregons known budget crisis the Superintendent has blatantly failed to engage the public in an open discussion about various alternate courses of action and the consequences of budget cuts and,

(C) Whereas the Superintendent's actions have directly resulted in weakening the communitys school system infrastructure and created obstacles to the economic recovery of the community. Home and business values have declined as a direct result of the deterioration of the schools in North Bend and the ineffective management the Superintendent has provided to the school system she is charged with leading and,

(D) Whereas the Superintendent has allowed a pervasive environment of intimidation, cronyismn and favoritism to exist within the school district. During her tenure as Superintendent, Dr. Hollensteiner is directly responsible for hiring administrators, teachers and staff who were unqualified or not certificated for the assigned positions and,

(E) Whereas the Superintendent has complete disregard of parents' and teachers legitimate concerns about numerous issues within the district. The Superintendent has achieved little or no improvement in any of the objective assessment measures as defined by the Oregon Department of Educations annual report card. As reported in the 2009-2010 report card the North Bend School District did not meet the federal Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) rating and has been identified as in need of improvement and,

(F) Whereas the Superintendents poor judgment and gross mismanagement has repeatedly exposed the district to repeated litigation that has and will needlessly cost the taxpayers of this district. In her tenure as the Superintendent, Dr. Hollensteiner has allowed unfair hiring practices to occur and,

(G) Whereas the Superintendent is not in touch with this community. The Superintendent has willfully acted to inhibit transparency and collaboration with parents and taxpayers in all matter involving the school district and has breached the public trust. Furthermore, the Superintendent has failed to establish residency within the school district and continues to commute to her home outside of the Coos Bay-North Bend area.