North Carolina Grade Scale Petition

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    Students and Parents of North Carolina
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In a majority of the United States, schools have a different grading scale than North Carolina. They go by a 10\% scale where a 100-90=A, 89-80=B, 79-70=C, 69-60=D, and 59 or below is an F. As you know, in North Carolina, our scale is 7\%, which 100-93=A, 92-85=B, 84-77=C, 76-70=D, and below 69 is an F. We, being myself and some other students, would like to change this grading system to match the one used throughout the majority of the United States. North Carolina ranks close to the bottom of the National scale for academics, and the states that use the 10\% scale are the ones claiming to the top positions. It would look better for our state, on our report cards, test results, and the GPA's if we used the scale. Add the fact that colleges, usually look at the GPA, instead of the grading system, so using the 10\% scale would make it easier for students to get into colleges. Also, colleges themselves, use the 10\% grading scale, so we would be used to it by the time we started college. It is just an all around good idea. Sign if you like; you will be helping yourself!