Get Univision Leg Back

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This Petition is to Get Univision to stop being complete Assholes and bring back some leg! Right now they have literally screwed up and Ruined every show on the channel! Despierta America they Fired Ana Maria Conseco, Hired another dumbass goof and Karla Martinez Dresses liek a damn Guy on a Daily Basis, not to Mention the crappy camerashots of Paola Elorza doing weather! Jessica Fox has not wore a single skirt in over a MONTH and Coutning, Judith Grace used to sit out on shows now the dumb broad stands and never sits, Rosana Franco in her 2 hour show used to sit out the first 30 minutes before the rest of the show got shitty with a table...GUESS WHAT! They nowput the table on THE WHOLE SHOW!!!!! WOOOOOOO! Primer Impacto is last to go and right now the women dress horribly bad! Seriously WTF are they doing to that channel?! Please sign the petition and Bitch to these Idiots to get off their asses and change stuff back! This is Rediculious!