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Around December 21st 2007, changed their "Newest Releases" page and removed the "Releasing this Week" section, replacing it with sections such as "Most Popular DVDs from One Year Ago", critic's picks, and a listing of popular DVD rentals in your area.

On the Community Blog, customers posted their feelings about the new page. Most of the 328 posts (as of December 26th, 1:34am PST) have been negative. One poster, "michael, from netflix", posted this: "I could post a petition here and we could see how many people sign it. (or someone could put that together offblog); when Facebook made a serious mistake with its business and customers, voices were raised in unison and it seemed to effect change. How many people are really touched by this problem? Clearly hundreds...but is it thousands? a million? Should Netflix care if even one customer is upset? ("Yes, if it's me!") What is the threshhold?"

So here it is:

Hate the new page? Miss the "Releasing this Week" section? If so, sign this petition.

I will be posting this link on the Community Blog as well as's FaceBook "Fan" page. Also, please send this link to your friends. If enough people sign, maybe will actually listen to their customers and return the "Releasing this Week" section.