A call to Further Prevent Internet Tax

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    US Senate
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    Anyone who uses the internet.
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On 18 October 2001, the U.S. Senate voted not to extend a ban on Internet taxes, which means that starting on 22 October 2001, state and local governments can levy taxes on Internet access and e-commerce."

Before the 22nd no State could levy a tax on e-commerce. If the Senate does not vote to extend a ban on Internet taxes or create a new ban, many of us may have to begin paying taxes to access the Internet and on anything that we may purchase. The Internet is a wonderful resource that can be used by all, imposing a tax will only hurt the people that are barely able to use it now. The Internet needs to remain the wonderful source of community and knowledge that it is, taxing it will only take it away.

We the undersigned believe that the Internet should remain tax-free!