Give the same Nexus One deal to existing/family plan customers!

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    Existing T-Mobile Customers
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To the powers that be at Google, HTC, and/or T-Mobile:

We, existing T-mobile subscribers (who may or may not have a "family" multi-line plan), are your loyal customers who could have easily switched to Verizon when they announced the Droid, or could have long ago defected to Sprint/AT&T for their iPhone, but we stayed with you. We stuck with T-Mobile, the pioneers of Android-based phones (the G1 and myTouch), only to be undercut by Verizon with the Motorola Droid. Our recourse is the Motorola CLIQ, which is *not* the same phone by a significant margin.

As your existing, loyal customers, we want the same $180 price for the Nexus One that you offer your new customers. We don't want to pay an extra $100 for being existing customers, and we don't want to pay the full retail price simply because we have multiple lines! If we are eligible for contract renewal, give us the same upgrade price we would get if it were any other phone! Ideally, we'd like to keep our existing plans, even if it means adding a data plan to those of us who don't already have it added.

You may gain new customers from other networks, but you're alienating the ones who have stood by your side all along! Why should we stay with T-Mobile when they employ these shady business practices?