Linux nForce2 nvnet driver

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Dear nVidia

We would like you to GPL the source code of the nvnet Ethernet driver in your nforce2 Linux driver package.

You have stated that you wish to support the Linux community. Please show us that this is the case by providing the complete source code for the nvnet driver with a GPL license so that it may be included with the Linux kernel source.

This would make the use of nforce2 boards in combination with Linux easier for the user community for several reasons:

1) It would allow distributions that do not distribute closed source drivers to include the nvnet driver and thus support motherboards that use the nforce2 chip set.
2) It would allow the driver to be updated by the Linux kernel hackers when they update the Linux kernel, ensuring that the nforce2 chip set will be properly supported in future versions of the Linux kernel.
3) It would allow bright kernel hacker to improve upon the driver through peer review, which will ensure that the user experience with the nforce2 chip set will always be a positive experience.

The logical thing for you to do is to GPL the source for the nvnet driver. Users of the Linux operating system do not purchase the nvnet driver from you, the driver is not a source of revenue income for your company.

We do, however, buy motherboards with your chip set on them. This is the source of revenue your company has from the Linux community.

By releasing the complete source code for the nvnet driver under the GPL license, you will make the user experience for Linux users who use your chip set better, and this will translate into better reviews for your chip set and increased sales. It will also reduce the cost of your in house development of the driver, as the Open Source Community can update the driver when changes in the kernel require an update.

Thank you.