The Lawn and Grounds for HEALTHY CHILDREN ACT

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    Residents of New Hampshire
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    The Leah Collective and Leah Advocacy Group
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Petition to Enact The Lawn and Grounds for HEALTHY CHILDREN ACT

We, the Undersigned citizens and residents of New Hampshire ask the legislators of The General Court, namely The House of Representatives, The Senate and The Governor to enact legislation to protect childrens health from the dangers of lawn and grounds pesticides which includes herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and rodenticides.

This legislation would phase out the use of pesticides, especially those that are considered probable or likely carcinogens, neurotoxins or endocrine disruptors. Despite these dangers, these products are still currently used on residential, school, municipal, state, businesses and agricultural grounds and settings. For the sake of our children, we implore you use a precautionary approach to the future health and safety of the children of New Hampshire by limiting their exposure to pesticides!

Please visit for more information and for NH House of Representatives contact information.