The Arsenio Hall Show Released on DVD or On-Demand Video

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    CBS Paramount Television & CBS Corporation
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To: Joel Berman, President of CBS-Paramount Television Worldwide Distribution, Greg Meidel, President of Programming, CBS Paramount Domestic Television, and Les Moonves, CEO of CBS Corporation.

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that The Arsenio Hall Show be made available to audiences worldwide in a fashion that is both beneficial to consumers as well as CBS Corporation so that "everyone wins" in the matter (and to ensure that all the material available is eventually released). The format of this re-release of The Arsenio Hall Show could take the form of DVDs, an on-demand video website (think MTV Overdrive), on-demand cable, or even licensed to a television network such as TV-One, or former sister networks, BET and VH1 Soul. We would also support the involvement of the website (international website largely dedicated to the same time period the Arsenio Hall show aired) into this joint venture as well.

The Arsenio Hall Show represents a special time in music and entertainment history that featured some of the most electrifying televised musical performances, interviews, surprise guest appearances, and monologues of its day. Arsenio Hall was the first late-night talk show host to aggressively feature Hip-Hop, R&B, and New Jack Swing acts such as New Edition, Jodeci, Heavy D, Boyz II Men, Ice-T, Jody Watley, Keith Sweat, T.L.C., The Boys, N.W.A., Al B. Sure, Salt N Pepa, En Vogue, and more for a nationally televised audience. The Arsenio Hall Show also featured a wide and diverse variety of guests including Jim Henson, Robert DeNiro (who rarely appears on talk shows) Madonna, Miles Davis, Johnny Depp, Michael Jordan, Sammy Davis Jr, Chris Rock, Bruce Willis, Hulk Hogan, Debbie Harry, Oprah Winfrey, and many more.

We, the undersigned, would like to especially have access to these aforementioned performances and appearances once more, and feel strongly that there is enough worldwide demand for these appearances and the entire Arsenio Hall Show in general to warrant a re-release of this once extremely successful, and overwhelmingly influential media property.

Lastly, we, the undersigned, recognize that there are many worldwide markets that never even had a chance to see The Arsenio Hall Show during its first run and feel there would be great value for both CBS Corporation and consumers at large to re-release the show so that they may finally see it. We feel that the relatively short run of The Arsenio Hall Show only makes it easier to package it for DVD release or some other form of re-release.

We, the undersigned would like to thank CEO Les Moonves of CBS Corporation, and Presidents Joel Berman and Greg Meidel at CBS-Paramount Television, for taking this request seriously and keeping us informed on ways we might be able to help make this happen.

Respectfully Yours, and...