Stop Comcast's Unfair Bandwidth Caps!

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    Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and CEO of Comcast, and the Board of Directors
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Comcast is one of America's largest cable companies. For years there have been wars between cable, satellite, and phone companies. Now there are many flavors to choose from in the Broadband Internet market. Comcast is one of the faster ones for residential service. In most areas they offer an 8mbps connection. The problem is that if one uses "too much" bandwidth in a month they will receive a phone call from Comcast's "Network Abuse Department". This call is stated as a "courtesy call", but the call is more of a threat than a courtesy.

Nowhere in Comcast's Acceptable Use Policy is there one word about actual bandwidth limitations. Recent battles with Comcast's Network Abuse Department has led me to believe that a person is limited to about 200 gigabytes worth of bandwidth transfer in a month. When asked outrigth what the number was, Comcast refused to define a number saying that they were "not aloud" to disclose such information.

We, those who pay more for faster connections than DSL to Comcast every month, should not have bandwidth caps. Most major DSL companies do not cap bandwidth usage or threaten to cut you off if you don't reduce the amount of bandwidth you are using.

It's time we fight back. This petition seeks to gain as many signatures as possible (at least 10,000) by December 31, 2007. If at least 10,000 signatures is attained on the date stated above the petition will be forwarded to the persons listed.

Get what you pay for America! You pay for 8 megabits per second and you should be able to use every last bit of it every single second of the day!