Boycott Westin Hotel for supporting Communists

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We, patriotic citizens of America and friends of America, object to Westin Hotel at Santa Clara in California hosting a sympathizer of a known terrorist group on Oct 2, 2005 and will boycott Westin Hotel if the event is not cancelled.

Sandeep Pandey, who is scheduled to be felicitated at the event, has repeatedly called America "the biggest evil power on earth"[1] and "the biggest terrorist state."[2] Sandeep Pandey is a sympathizer of the violent Naxalite group, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation (CPI-ML), which calls for an armed revolution and for raising an army.[3] He has been a delegate at the convention of this group honoring the "comrade martyrs", a euphemism for terrorists killed by police when they attempted violent actions on civilians.[4]

The US Department of State has listed certain Naxalite groups as terror groups for their use of violence to achieve their ends.[5] All Naxalite groups have the same root and are merely various factions of the parent group. Most of the time, they break away and rename themselves in order to evade the State Department's 'terrorist' tag.

CPI-ML has gratefully acknowledged the support of Sandeep Pandey.[6] Sandeep Pandey has repeatedly expressed solidarity with violent terrorists, who massacre civilians and law enforcement officials by blowing them up with landmines.[7] Sandeep Pandey has stressed "the need of unity of revolutionary Communist organizations like CPI-ML."[8]

Patriotic Americans around the country and well-wishers of America from other democracies object to Westin Hotel hosting a supporter of violent Communist groups and demand that Westin Hotel immediately withdraw permission to use its facilities. If Westin Hotel refuses to withdraw permission, we will boycott Westin Hotel in future. We also urge all those who care for America and our values to call 888-625-5144 and cancel your reservations at Westin if you have made any plans to stay with them.

God Bless America! Land of the Free! Home of the Brave!