No Cell Tower at First Presbyterian Church

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    City of Mountain View
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    Mountain View and Parents
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Dear Mountain View Zoning Administrator and review committee:

As residents of Mountain View and/or parents of Little Acorn School, we are respectfully submitting this petition in strong opposition to Clear Wireless LLC's application to erect a 10 feet monopole cell tower with its structure for at-grade equipment at Mountain View's First Presbyterian Church located at 1667 Miramonte Avenue for the following reasons:

1) Ugly. The grade equipment fenced box is inconsistent with the aesthetic nature of the church and school, and surrounding neighborhood.
2) Unsafe. The ground structure with fencing is proposed to be near the childrens play area where 2-5 year olds play every day.
3) Disruptive. The construction just feet from the school is disruptive to the daycare/school.
4) Devaluing. It would create a hardship on the surrounding community by decreasing the values of their homes.
5) Unhealthy. There may be potential health hazards from construction (such as triggering allergens in the children).
6) Burden. During construction, it will require an unnecessary burden on teachers to make sure children are safe.
7) Discouragement. The structure and equipment will adversely impact enrollment to the Little Acorn School and create discord with the concerned parents.

In this instance or any other similar situation, a non-residential area should be the only allowable placement for any cell tower.
According to the Telecommunications Act we do realize that towers cannot be totally banned, however all alternative scenarios must be exhausted to make an appropriate selection. In this case, the applicant failed to exercise its due diligence and failed to inform those affected (parents of the school, employees) until two days after the first hearing October 27th, 2010.

We thank you for your consideration of the aforementioned.