No more American foreign aid for Egypt

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    President George W. Bush; U.S. Congress
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On December 29th-30th, the Egyptian government which receives approximately $2.2 billion US in foreign aid from the United States of America, sent in security troops against unarmed Sudanese refugees to remove them, by any means necessary, from their sit in in the Mohandesen area. At 1 AM in the really cold morning of December 30th, Egyptian security forces blasted Sudanese men, women, and children with water cannons. When that was ineffective, Egyptian state security troops proceeded to beat Sudanese men, women, and children with batons, sticks, tree branches; to drag and trample the Sudanese refugees; to slaughter at least 30 and wound about 60 people whose only crime was their insistence on having the UNHCR relocate them. The refugees wanted relocation to another country because they refused to return to be persecuted and possibly killed in Sudan, where the government has waged war against animists and Christians in the south, and against black African Muslims in Darfur. As the Egyptian troops set about brutalising the Sudanese, the Egyptian people ratified the inhumanity of the troops by cheering, whistling and clapping because they found such barbaric and brutal beatings of a defenceless people amusing.

Inasmuch as the United States provides $2.2 billion in foreign aid annually to Egypt, we call upon President George W. Bush and all members of Congress to withhold all American monies to that country, which, dependent on American charity, has no charity for the unfortunate refugees in her midst.

We call upon Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to rebuke the Egyptian government publicly and announce the suspension of diplomatic relations with that country until President Hosni Mubarak punishes the 4,000 security troppers responsible for the brutality.

We call upon U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton to investigate the UNHCR to discover why, in light of the worsening situation in Darfur, that organization insisted on these refugees returning to Sudan, where the government is committing genocide against black Africans.

We call upon Ambassador Bolton to demand of UNHCR why they blamed the Sudanese refugees for having been savagely beaten and killed by the Egyptian shock troopers.

American tax dollars should not be used to fund brutal, repressive, and inhospitable regimes like Egypts. American tax dollars should not be allocated to organizations like UNHCR which fail to fulfil their mandate.