Anti Avril Lavigne Movie

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    The Executives at Paramount Pictures
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Recently I read an article pertaining to the production of a film tentatively titled Sk8er Boi based on the song by pop artist Avril Lavigne. I, as an individual, am strongly against the production of this movie as well as the musical career of Avril Lavigne. The majority of the punk community, which I am not a part of, also disagrees with the possible production of this film.

The punk community, most of which includes preteen to teenage adolescents, is also an asset you may need to take into consideration. As mentioned at Chart, this movie would be targeted at a specific audience. The fore-mentioned audience is that of the teenage community. Avril Lavignes trademark image is that of the adolescent punk. In Avril Lavigne's video for Complicated there were scenes of her and friends destroying a mall, abusing property, skateboarding, and being a general nuisance to society in a manner to make themselves look like the stereotyped punk teenager. This is not an image that I, or the majority of the punk community, agree with. The targeted audience, Im assuming, is that of the adolescent punk community. The fact that the majority of your targeted audience will not appreciate the film should be enough to change thoughts on the production of Sk8er Boi. The punk community, and I as an individual are strongly against the production of this film as it represents a grand scale of America's youth as love struck mall crashers and this is not something we appreciate. Perhaps funding and creativity, planned to create this film, could be used to make a more accepted and possibly far more popular film.

In conclusion, the following signatures signify the strong detesting of Avril Lavignes musical pop career as well as a statement against the production of this film.