Cease and Desist of Big Dogz Ink "Custom Tattoos"

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This Petition is in an effort to force the cease and desist of the practice of tattooing by
1.) Chris Crinkle
2.) Dave (last name unknown)
3.) Joey "XXX"
Big Dogz Ink Tattoo shop located at
170 Pulaski Blvd.
Bellingham, MA 02019

and the immediate closing of the shop under this owner forever.

It has come to the attention of the tattooing community that this tattoo shop and all of those involved have been mutilating people's bodies by placing horrendously designed and executed tattoos on unwitting, uneducated participants, resulting in irreversible damage caused esthetically challenged and untrained artists and their horrible tattoos.

We the people of the tattooing community implore those named above to immediately discontinue their practices and put the needle down!

We also would like to educate unwitting uneducated people to be aware of the misguided practices of those above and boycott this shop as to send a message to those in operation that we will not tolerate this travesty to go on.

Please visit the website listed above for further proof that this operation must desist, and sign the petition so we may send a loud signal to those in offense.