Petition against the creation of an Edmonton Oilers Cheer Team

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    The Edmonton Oilers
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We, the undersigned fans of the Edmonton Oilers National Hockey League Team, are opposed to the formation of a cheer team on the grounds of at least one, if not all of the following reasons:

1) We, the undersigned, do not believe that a cheer team will POSITIVELY amplify the in-game entertainment lineup during home games

2) We, the undersigned, believe that a cheer team will hinder the TRADITIONAL Edmonton Oilers home game experience

3) We, the undersigned, believe that men AND women are Edmonton Oilers fans, and that cheer teams are perceived by some members of both sexes to be demeaning and contributing to the objectification of women

4) We, the undersigned, hold the ownership and management of the Edmonton Oilers to a higher standard, in trusting them to make decisions that will not negatively affect the experience of attending a National Hockey League game by using gimmicks and excessive in-game entertainment that would take away from the game itself.