Petition To Ban Cloning Animals, Especially The Montauk Monster

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    Those Evolutionary Scientists
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We, the undersigned, have learned about the evils that scientists are using to create new creatures such as that Montauk Monster creature.

In particular, evolutionary scientists are taking kindly to a new technique where they use advanced science labs to mix up animal dna to create genetic clone monstrosities that are abominations to life itself.

To date we know they have created that Montauk Monster demaon and are very, very scared. We don't want to see or be killed dead by Eagle-lion imps or Shark-cheetah demons neither, so we demand an end to all this cloning animal together nonsense now.

We demand the scientists out in the Borneo island to apologize for making this stuff, promise to not make these scary creatures no more and then all agree to burn their liberal labs to the ground.