Rich Gannon Ban

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This petition, brought forth by the loyal fans of The Kansas City Chiefs, intends to assist in the ban of Rich Gannon employed as the "color man" announcer on any or all televised Kansas City Chiefs games. Rich Gannon has shown extreme bias and ill will towards the Chiefs in his weekly commentary. This extreme negative bias has become intolerable and the fans of the Kansas City Chiefs wish to ban Rich Gannon from participating in the announcement of any and all televised Chiefs games in the 2011/2012 NFL season. Chiefs fans are very devoted and spend a lot of money in Kansas City that directly relates to the Chiefs organization. Although this petition is directed toward the televised games, it holds firmly the opinion of the Kansas City Chiefs season ticket holders. The Kansas City Chiefs and their respective fans deserve to have a commentating personality who is partial to the teams participating in the televised games. Rich Gannon has revealed through his commentary that he holds ill will and extreme negative bias towards The Kansas City Chiefs, and we as fans will not tolerate this once more in 2011.

This petition will be submitted to the Kansas City Chiefs front office for review once we reach enough signatures to be considered. Please support us and sign below to have Rich Gannon removed from televised Chiefs games. Thank you.