The Boston Red Sox Fans Against The Acquistion Of J.D. Drew

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    The Boston Red Sox
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I petition as a part of Red Sox Nation that we as supporters financially, physically & mentally have at least a documented opinion on who our beloved Red Sox pursue and sign to play. As a paying supporter I believe our money should go to players or personnel who we feel can contribute at their highest level for the duration of that signed contract. If you also agree with the above statement then please sign our petition against the potential/rumored aquistion of J.D. Drew for the rumored 5 year/70 million dollar contract/deal, or any multi-million dollar long term deal for Mr. J.D. Drew. With all due respect we feel that Mr. Drew is not worth the rumored amount in the potential deal and we stand together in hopes that someone hears our voices and refrains from making another huge mistake. By signing this petition you make your voice heard.