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To all Commissioners and Staff of The Port of Astoria, The Clatsop County Commission, The Astoria City Council, The Warrenton City Commission, All members of our representative State and US Congressional Delegations and all other related Public Servants serving in the Public Trust and representing the interests of the citizens of Clatsop County.

We, the undersigned, declare that LNG(Liquefied Natural Gas) Siting and Storage in our community, with its inherent safety risks and impact on our infrastructure and environment, is not acceptable and in the overall best interests of all the citizens of Clatsop County.

We request that any agreements between exisitng commissions and departments and any LNG Facility Speculators be recalled and nullified.

We request any rezoning of exisitng land use designations for Skipanon Peninsula and Tansy Point for use by LNG Speculators be denied.