Put An End To Round-Robin

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Dear Mr. Etienne de Villiers,

We are a rare breed. We love tennis the way it once was. You win, you advance. You lose, you go home. We understand that the ATP undertook extensive research to discover that the "fans" would be happy with the introduction of Round-Robin events. It's funny because despite being in contact through the internet with a large cross section of tennis fans, I've never come across anyone who took part in said research and agreed that it would be a step forward.

We understand that you are the man who was "charged with shaping the future of men's tennis", we wonder if you envisaged in that future that you would alienate a large group of already dedicated tennis fans who appreciate the sport isn't just about the "top" names.

Many of us were opposed to RR from the get go, you can read why on pretty much any tennis message board you wish to visit, where real fans voice their real opinions from all parts of the globe. Tennis is an international sport, not just a "big market" one. Not that we expect you to care.

We have had enough, RR is a disaster and you know it. The situation in Las Vegas is shameful to tennis. Not only did you introduce a pathetic format such as RR that causes confusion even amongst the players, nevermind the "casual" fan that you are so willing to please, but now you will even disregard YOUR OWN RULES so that a young up and coming talent like Evgeny Korolev can be screwed over in favour of the defending champion, James Blake.

We wonder if the situation were reversed whether you would have afforded Korolev the same "pass" you have given to Blake? Korolev is not currently in the top 10 (although one day soon he may very well be, you will care about him then, won't you?), and he isn't American (where the Las Vegas tournament happens to be) so we somehow doubt whether Korolev would have benefited by the intervention of yourself/ATP if such a situation were to have arisen.

You've had your fun. Now enough is enough. Get rid of RR, and get rid of it ASAP. Please. For those of us who love the game and who will be watching it long after you have finished screwing around with it.