Recall the Oscar award for the best documentary from Michael Moore.

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    Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

We, the undersigned are urging you, the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to investigate and, if necessary recall the award for the best DOCUMENTARY FEATURE for BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE from Michael Moore and Michael Donavan based on the following allegations:

1. This documentary includes numerous scenes that were fabricated, staged, or taken out of a context.

2. Numerous facts and documents were also altered, fabricated, or taken out of context.

3. Once the above is proved, the classification should be changed to fiction and Academy Award for documentary should be revoked.

4. Further more, if the investigation concludes that the above actions did take place and were willfully concealed from the Academy, Michael Moore should be prosecuted under the law for perpetrating fraud on the Academy and thousands of members it represents.

In conclusion, we, the undersigned would like to inform the honorable members of the Academy, that should you choose not to take any action, you will become a party to the alleged fraud and will be treated accordingly.

We, The People.