PlayStation 3: No More Game Installs

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We, of the PlayStation 3 gaming community, would like to demand that you not force game installs upon our built in hard-drives. As more and more games come out, more and more games need hard-drive installs. Some of us do not have the money to go out and by a bigger hard-drive just so we can play all of our games. So as gamers, we are acting out, and demanding you stop.

Hard-drive installs are not necessary as you can clearly see in games such as Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and Unreal Tournament III. These are some of the highest rate games and they do not require a hard-drive installation.

Our space is being taken up, and time is being wasted. We use our PlayStation 3's as a media hub rather than just a gaming system. We would like to be able to store movies, music, and pictures on our console, without a new 5GB being added to our space every time a new game releases.

We demand that you make necessary the same amount of space on a PS3 game that is required on a 360 game. The same goes for exclusive titles.