No to Malayan University!

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    Reynaldo B. Vea, Ph.D. & YGC
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This is a petition to stop YGC (Yuchengco Group of Companies) from formally changing "Mapua Institute of Technology" to "Malayan University".

A short but straight to the point petition.

We the undersigned (The students and alumni of Mapua) just don't want to have Mapua Institute of Technology to be simply changed to Malayan University just because the management says so. It is simply pointless.

Quoting the announcement by Dr. Vea on (

"Mapua" has been synonymous with quality engineering education for a long time.

Then please, let the name stay as it is.

Lastly. To the Management and Head Executives of YGC, the name change would do more harm than good to the institution and to your company's image when the name change pushes through.