Legalizing Public Nudity

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    U.S. Congress
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This petition will legalize nudity, and make it optional to be naked in public. In this ideal recognition, being naked includes, not wearing anything at all, or even just wearing undergarments.

In this, legalizing nudity will allow many different ideal additions to American life. For instance, obesity weights will drop due to less stress from work/school dress codes, trying to impress others, as well as let people see how the food they eat affects them on a normal basis. Those who choose to take advantage of this statement will also find that there is more confidence, freedom, and stabilizing mood function, as well as thought, because nudity will help people focus on items other than if they are presentable or not.

So, this petition is not only to meet personal desires, but also affects our people's health state - including stress, depression, anxiety, and anger. Those who understand the point trying to be made may sign this petition ready for what this will bring.