NYC Straphangers Against Ads in Subway Tunnels

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    The NYC MTA
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As straphangers and loyal subway riders we would like to make it known that we are officially against any signage, any new ads, any new lighting in the subway tunnel.

In particular we are against the MTA's plan to add advertisement to tunnel walls that will be like "electronic panels that would display 15-to-20-second commercials on tunnel walls - like a giant, high-tech version of kiddie flip books".

Ridership on subways and busses is higher than it has been in 50 years. The MTA finished last year with an enourmas surplus. The subway is our one respite from the city that never sleeps. From being bombarded by a McDonald's on every block and a Starbucks between that. From ads on sides of buildings to the neon glow of Times Square.

We not only ask, we demand that you keep your ads off our tunnel walls.