To Governor David Paterson

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    Governor David Paterson
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Dear Governor Paterson,

We are enormously proud that Senator Hillary Clinton has accepted the nomination for Secretary of State. She has been an activist, progressive Senator for the residents of New York State, and for all the people of the United States as was reflected in the 18 million+ votes she received during the Democratic presidential selection process.

In choosing her successor, we urge you to make the choice on the merits - who would best continue the record of demonstrated excellence of those who have held that seat: Robert Kennedy, Patrick Moynihan and Hillary Clinton. Examples of quality nominees include, in alphabetical order, Leecia Eve, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Jerrold Nadler.

Please note that we specifically exclude Caroline Kennedy. While we applaud her public service, and that of her family, it is not a qualification to be senator from New York. In this spirit, we encourage the Obama Administration to find an appropriate role for her and to do so quickly so she can gracefully remove herself from consideration.