Psychiatric Evaluation of Presidential Candidates

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The 2008 presidential election in America is the most crucial election in this country's history, not because the issues are that critical but because of Senator Barack Hussein Obama. Sen. Obama likely suffers from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). NPD is a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy. The following are some of the symptoms of NPD that can be seen in Sen. Obama. He subtly misrepresents facts, opportunistically shifts positions, ignores data that conflicts with his fantasy world, is overly confident and acts presidential despite commensurate merits and his modest life achievements, considers himself above the law, talks about himself in third person, has messianic vision of himself and his mission, displays false modesty while often evincing haughtiness, sublimates aggression and behaves as eternal adolescents. [Please see this article. ]

NPD is the prime disorder experienced by madmen of history -- from Hitler to Stalin, Mao, Kim, Osama, Khomeini, Saddam and Idi Amin. These men wreaked havoc and killed millions. Yet, they were confident they were right in what they were doing. Few suspected their insanity because narcissists are often intelligent and cunning.

When World War II ended and its horrors became known, the world said, Never Again. Never Again can only work if we choose our leaders wisely. Once a madman is in power it is already too late. Nothing can stop a mad leader except death or war.

It is time we people of the world demand that those who aspire to become heads of any country, particularly of the USA, submit to rigorous mental check ups. Millions of lives depend on the sanity of these leaders. If the physical health of presidential candidates is important, how much more important is their mental health?

Therefore, we the people, urge the lawmakers of all democratic countries and particularly the U.S. Congress to raise the issue and make this requirement into a law. It makes no sense that pilots should be required to submit to a psychiatric evaluation for operating commercial aircraft while no such test is needed to run a country. A narcissist in the White House would spell disaster for mankind.

In the spirit of fairness, we are asking all presidential and vice-presidential candidates in this election to submit to psychiatric evaluation.