Ohio Front Plate Elimination

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    Ohio Legislators & Motor Vehicle Administration
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To: Ohio Motor Vehicle Administration

We, the Undersigned, petition the State of Ohio to revoke the current law requiring the display of a front license plate on passenger vehicles.

We support the current and future licensing fee structure, but ask that the law reflect that a front license plate is no longer required. We believe that there are significant benefits in not requiring front license plates and our reasons for these belief are briefly summarized in the paragraphs below.

First, eliminating the need for a front license plate will significantly reduce the state costs associated with production, storage, and shipping. Second, a front license plate restricts the performance of passenger vehicles. Modern cars are not being designed with front license plates in mind anymore because mounting brackets that are necessary to hold the plates, arent being incorporated into the design, also interfering with the cars aerodynamics and often get damaged during the car-washing process. Third, unnecessary damage is sustained from minor bumper-to-bumper collisions, because the front mounting brackets on passenger cars can cause dents, cracks and abrasions to the rear bumpers of the cars that they hit, especially with the increased parallel parking in most Ohio cities. Additionally, police officers will be more productive in stopping dangerous motor vehicle violations such as drunk driving, reckless driving, speeding, etc., because their time won't be compromised by stopping or ticketing a Ohio motorist who simply did not have a front license plate on display.

Law enforcement officials may be opposed to a measure abolishing the front license plate requirement, because they might believe that losing the extra plate will make it more difficult for them to do their jobs in the best possible manner. However, in the 20 or more states that have abolished the front license plate requirement, there is no evidence of a decline in public safety as a result of the plate removal.

Please consider our petition to eliminate the Ohio front license plate.