Ouran High School Host Club petition of the second season

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    Bisco Hatori and BONES Anime Studio([email protected])
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This one is a petition created for all those persons those who like this great series called Ouran High School Host Club, with this we want to do a great compilation of signatures of fans to ask to Bisco Hatori (author of this series) and to BONES(anime studio) the accomplishment of the second season of the anime. Even knowing that the manga of this series is in process but in order that they bear in mind that we want a continuation for if they do not have thought to do a new season. Resorting to this request we ask please to Bisco Hatori and BONES that bear in mind our desire to see the second season that for many fans of Ouran High School Host Club to see the manga led to the animation causes more interest and espectacion, for it and more this series deserves to be continued. Please and thank you.