Open Letter to the Electoral College

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    Coalition Against Election Fraud
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We, the undersigned, respectfully request that you take action as
electors to recognize that the November 2, 2004 presidential election
was fraught with voting violations, misconduct of some highly placed
election officials, voter suppression, interference targeted at
communities of people of color and poor people, and possible tampering
- all of which has raised suspicions in many minds that this was not a
free, fair and honest election.

To preserve democracy in the United States of America, we ask that you
be open to the concerns of large numbers of Americans. Almost 37,000
complaints have thus far been filed about this election process.
Recounts are being demanded in several states. Given the widespread
use of electronic voting machines which are especially liable to
malfunction - and tampering - and leave no trace of how they work nor
what data they receive, it is not possible to perform recounts in many
states. We call on you to review the evidence and decide if there is
sufficient doubt to take what will be for many of you a courageous and
risk-taking action. We are asking you to be our voice.

On or before December 13 when you are pledged to go to your respective
State Houses, please consider doing one or more of the following:

* Call a press conference to announce your concerns about these
* Decide as individuals or as a group to use the voting process in
your state to delay, protest and/or highlight the pervasive voting
violations. Examples of what you could do are: abstain from voting
or postpone your vote until investigations are completed, recounts
are finished and tallies corrected, and voter violations remedied.
* If you must vote, make a statement for the official record,
acknowledging the questionable nature of this election.

We are well aware that for many of you there may be consequences, such
as fines or other penalties imposed by states for not voting in
accordance with your party pledge. The website

will tell you if you are "Pledged by statute to support [the] winning
ticket?" and what may happen to you if you do not do so. We promise to
support you in whatever way we can if you decide to take this brave
stand. We think this is crucial for the future of democracy and this
country, and we hope you will respond to our plea.