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A Petition to Release Roxanna Saberi

We condemn and appose the arrest by the Iranian Government of the American journalist, Roxanna Saberi. For the past 30 years this Radical Regime has not only arrested and executed thousands of its own innocent citizens, but has put to death foreign journalists such as Zahra Kazemi, an Iranian Canadian. Her crime was photographing desperate families gathered outside Tehran пїs notorious Evin prison where the Regime regularly tortures and executes political prisoners and religious trespassers and where a special area is designated for women to be stoned to death in the manner proscribed by the Koran. Under the direction of Iran пїs most feared prison warden, Saeed Mortazavi, the method used for Ms. Kazemiпїs execution was continuous beatings.

In order to silence her, Roxanna Saberi was entrapped by agents of the government and arrested for the crime of buying a bottle of wine. We believe that she is being held in that same Evin prison where most political prisoners are held, tortured and executed. She has been unable to communicate with the outside world for weeks. We believe that Roxanna's life is in grave danger and that she may meet a very grisly death unless we put pressure on the Regime to release her. This petition will be presented to senior Iranian officials in a very public way so that the Regime will feel unable to secretly murderer Roxanna.

We the undersigned stand for justice, peace, democracy, human rights and demand that the Iranian Government release Roxanna Saberi.

Roya Teimouri
A Political & Human Rights Acticist

Larry Kelley