End Capital Punishment

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End Capital Punishment

OWFI's Campaign to

Stop the Execution of Female Prisoners in Iraq

Eleven female prisoners were taken to the extreme protection prison in Kadhimia in Baghdad two months ago for the purpose of execute capital punishment on them.

In spite of allegations of liberation and democracy, the Iraqi state continues to claim the right to terminate the citizens' lives whenever needed, as if the citizens were a property of the state and can be disposed of by killing. Furthermore, the state legislates a judicial process for these killing and gives them the name of capital punishment.

One of the eleven women jailed in the death center, Kasima Hamid was terminated recently in June, while Lamia Adnan was terrorized to death, as she died from a heart attack. The rest of the women live under daily terror lest they are next on the death row and their children are orphaned.

Nine women await termination any day and have no hope to live. OWFI follows up on their families trying to help them get over their tragedy and difficulties which mostly resulted from the political chaos of this era. These families grief their daughter in silence.

We demand the cancellation of the decision to terminate these women and their immediate return to the C4 women's prison. The women who stand for death row are: Samar Saad, Shirooq Hassoun, Sabreen Nasser, Samira Abdulla, Um Hussein*, Hanan, Thikra Fakhry, Luma Adnan, and Wassan Taleb.

OWFI also demands a fair trial for Samar Saad and Wassan Taleb and all who were convicted by the crimes that their husbands or male relatives committed. These crimes took place in places far away from the women. Nevertheless, the verdict, which in some cases was multiple death penalties, was imposed on the women within a speedy and superficial legal process.

OWFI will forward an appeal to the offices of the prime minister and the president. Nevertheless, we are not optimistic to any positive result without pressure from outside Iraq .

Therefore, we call upon all women's and human rights organizations to support our demand of stopping the execution of these women. No human being should be killed whatever the accusation is.

Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq