Bring Pizzarias brand pizza chips back!

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    Poore Brothers Inc.
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Pizzarias brand pizza chips were among my favorites when I was a teenager. That was back when Keebler used to make them. I remember finding out one terrible day that Keebler stopped making them and since then I didnt know where they vanished to. Well after doing some research I found that a great company called Poore Brothers Inc. makers of Poore Brothers chips took over the chip. Sadly I also learned that they stopped making these delicious chips about 4 years ago.

This is the petition to bring those great chips back. There are many people in this great country who would love to see those chips make a comeback. Frankly, I know that I would be one of the many to stock up on them if they should ever make their return to shelves or even to the Poore Brothers products list once again.

Help bring Pizzarias brand pizza chips back!