"Xerxes" an Unethical movie

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    Mr. Barry M. Meyer/Chairman & CEO, Warner Brothers Entertainment INC.
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To: Mr. Barry M. Meyer
Chairman & CEO, Warner Brothers Entertainment INC.
4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA, 91522, USA

Dear Mr. Meyer:
We the undersigned, through this letter, protest your irresponsible, unethical actions.

This letter is in concern of making the movie, Xerxes based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller by your company, which, according to all historical documents, is fraudulent and distorted, and its broadcast guarantees the violation of undeniable international legal rights. It was bad enough that your company made the movie 300 created by Mr. Miller depicting persians as demonic & monsters now you have given the green light to produce & make this movie. Upon reading the plot summary it immediately becomes apparent that apart from the actual names used in it, the entire depiction of the battle of Marathon is based upon fantasy & through Mr. Millers imaginary lens & according to him Xerxes with his massive army intended on ruthlessly killing the hated Greeks & seek nothing else than to become a god himself. Ancient Persians according to all historical data conducted warfare with mastery and dignity, and looked nothing like science-fictional monsters, this shows how movie studios and authors sacrifice historical accuracy for would-be profits.

The author Frank Miller and Warner Brothers Studios should understand that distorting historical data is unethical, and so is feeding ignorance to viewers and readers. Fantasy-like characters should not have names that are based on actual historical figures. Xerxes was one of the many revered and respected rulers of an ancient civilization the vestiges of which last to this day and are acknowledged by historians of all nations.

It is a proven scholarly fact that the Persian Empire in 5th century B.C was the most magnificent and civilized empire. Established by the Cyrus the great, the writer of the first human right declaration, Persians ruled over significant portions of Greater Iran, the east modern Afghanistan and beyond into central Asia; in the north and west all of Asia Minor (modern Turkey), the upper Balkans peninsula (Thrace), and most of the Black Sea coastal regions; in the west and southwest the territories of modern Iraq, northern Saudi-Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, all significant population centers of ancient Egypt and as far west as portions of Libya. Having twenty nations under control, encompassing approximately 7.5 million square kilometers, unquestionably the Achaemenid Empire was territorially the largest empire of classical antiquity.

Based on the Zoroastrian doctrine, it was the strong emphasis on honesty and integrity that gave the ancient Persians credibility to rule the world, even in the eyes of the people belonging to the conquered nations (Herodotus, mid 5th century B.C). Truth for the sake of truth, was the universal motto and the very core of the Persian culture that was followed not only by the great kings, but even the ordinary Persians made it a point to adhere to this code of conduct.

We do not expect Warner Bros. Picture company, as one of the world's largest producers of film and television entertainment to ignore the proven obvious historical facts, and damage its own reputation by making such movies, and thus create an atmosphere of public mistrust in its content, and hurt the national pride of the millions of Persians while doing so.

While announcing our disgust at such a heresy, we demand an immediate stop to this project & hope that you will do the right thing.