Paul Modrowskis Plea for Clemency to Governor Blagojevich of Illinois -- We the Undersigned Oppose the Wrongful Conviction and Imprisonment of Paul Modrowski

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    Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich
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    Supporters, family, friends of Paul Modrowski
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To: Governor Rod Blagojevich:

We the undersigned, ask that you grant the Executive Clemency Petition of Paul Modrowski that is before you.

The Illinois Prisoner Review Board has recently given you Pauls petition, which he wrote himself, along with many letters of support from friends and family. We ask that you sign it now so that Paul can be home in time to spend the holidays with his family.

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to do the right thing due to political considerations. We promise that should you grant his Clemency Petition, we will support you, and tell people that you did the right thing.

Those of us who know Paul and/or the Modrowski family also promise that we will do all we can to assist in helping Paul adjust back to a free life. Paul earned a college degree while in prison, and is ready to complete his education and begin a career and family.

A short summation of this case is difficult to prepare, but is fully outlined in Pauls Executive Clemency Petition. Facts of great importance include:

Paul was born with a disability known as autism which affects his social interaction with people.
At the age of 18, Paul was arrested and interrogated for 2 days without an attorney present. He was physically and emotionally abused by the interrogating officer, who denied him all his basic legal rights.
This police officer claimed that Paul eventually confessed to lending his car to a man who allegedly committed a murder. The trial judge concluded that Paul was not at the scene of the crime.
The FBI thoroughly searched Paul Modrowskis car, and found no evidence in it.
There was no written, signed or videotaped confession. There was no signed waiver of Miranda rights.
Because of the overzealous prosecutors misstatement of the law of accountability, the jury convicted Paul Modrowski under the Illinois law of Accountability (720 ILCS 5/5-2).
The man who Paul was held accountable for was acquitted by a separate jury.
Paul Modrowski was sentenced to natural life without parole under the law of accountability; he has been in prison for nearly 15 years.

Multiple appeals have been denied due to attorney errors. One attorney forgot to attach affidavits, and one failed to file timely. These and other legal misrepresentations and procedural errors have prevented justice for Paul Modrowski. The history of these events and others are included in the Clemency Petition.

Please hear the words of King Solomon: Wise men know how to do what is right, just, and fair. Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act. (Proverbs 3)

Paul needs your help. His family needs your help. Please use your powers as Governor of the State of Illinois, and grant him a pardon. Please restore our hope in justice, and send Paul home.

Respectfully submitted by the Modrowski Family and all the following supporters: