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    School Districts in SC and Chester, SC residents
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I am the proud mother of an amazing 4 year old boy that is autistic. He attends a Pre-K class for exceptional children Monday through Thursday from 8am-11pm. When he first started school, the bus would come to our home and pick him up. A few weeks later, we were informed that the bus would no longer come to our home, but pick him up at the end of our street. This meant that we had to stand out in the pitch black at 6:20am each morning. We live in the country, so there are no street lights. Another danger to this situation is that the road we must wait at is extremely busy at this time of the morning with everyone going to work.
I have let the issue slide until now. Yesterday afternnon, when I went to get into my car to go wait at the bus stop, my vehicle would not start. I called the bus office to ask them if they could drop him at the house on this day since my vehicle was not running. The supervisor told me no. I told her that it would take me about a half hour to walk to the end of the road. She told me the bus would not wait for that long. I asked what my options were then. She said they would bring my son back to the school and have him wait in the office "until I could figure out a way to pick him up". I asked her how she expected me to get to the school if I could not even get to the bus stop. She had no answers for me. I explained that this is a special needs child and that he would not understand what was going on and this would be very confusing and upsetting to him. She did not care at all. He ended up riding the bus for an additional hour and half until they brought him back to the bus office, where they dropped him with a complete stranger, not at the school office as stated to me. Thankfully, the school office saw him up there and ran up to take him back down to the school. My son was very confused and upset after all this.
I am petitioning for the bus to come to our home and pick up my child. Your signatures and comments are welcomed and appreciated. Thank you and God Bless~